‘Little Soldiers’ English Screenplay

I had started writing ‘Little Soldiers’ in 1982. The idea was simple: in the movies if the hero had a problem he solved it by bashing up the baddies; what if someone who was physically weak had a problem? Say kids. From this little thought developed the screenplay of Little Soldiers. Writing it wasn’t easy, but getting it made was tougher. It took 12 painfully, long years. Sometime in that period, I toyed with the idea of adapting it to English and dreamed of Sean Connery playing the gruff grandfather.

Now, 18 years after the films release, I am publishing the English adaptation of the film’s screenplay — Little McIntosh Soldiers. For a short time it is available on Story Cartel as a free download, in return for a review on Amazon. Reading a screenplay may seem, shall we say ‘un-smooth’, but once you get into it, it is crisper and more pacy than a novel. I hope you enjoy it. The link:

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