Amrutham Again

Why on earth did it take so long? To do a sequel for the stupid ‘Amrutham’? Well, many reasons: being drained of energy, bereft of ideas, weighed down by doubt (of failing to please the viewers as before). Even after overcoming all these, we were stymied by practicalities — the need for adequate funding when caught in a double whammy of skyrocketing production costs and plunging channel budgets.
Finally, we did manage to put things together and gather the old team again. Except for the two who left us forever; Mr. Gundu Hanumantha Rao and Mr. Devadas Kanakala. A void that cannot be filled.

Yet, guarded by their memory and goaded by your undying affection for ‘Amrutham’, we are daring to step out with the sequel — AMRUTHAM DHVITHEEYAM.


One thought on “Amrutham Again

  1. Adhviteeyam Amrutam Dviteeyam…..a breeze of fresh air….a challenge to the mindless madness that is dished out in the name of entertainment…….a confirmation of belief that people are consuming junk in the absence of alternative…..reiterates the confidence in the collective wisdom of the Telugu diaspora and the native….people are hungry for decent comedy….many… me MANY are eager to hit the remote of the Idiotbox and other delivery modes…here comes Elixir sequel… a dose of kashayam / aushadham to the obtaining Telugu entertainment scene today….Wishing all the best

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