KalSiyaGangPutting the Lyric on paper for Amrutham started in February of 2001. I can’t say how many versions Seetharama Sastry’s pen wrote. Because its ink supply is inexhaustible, like an oil well in Arabia. But its stash of satisfaction is like a drop of water in a desert. At last, the relentless, heartless pen was satisfied towards the end of October. But I could not read it. I was away in Himachal. He was so excited, he called me and served the song, piping hot.
Nineteen years later, though I was in Hyderabad, he called me again. At midnight on march 16, he sang me the new version for Amrutham Dhvitheeyam. I hope it gets the same affection the fist song received.

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One thought on “AMRUTHAM DHVITHEEYAM Title Song

  1. Chaala adbhutamga undi Sir, you are very lucky to work with such legends and please address him as Sastrygaru.

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